Energy Literacy

This web site supports an effort that tries to achieve a cultural change in how society views energy, its importance in the public’s economic well-being and its role in the public’s quality of life.  It is the interlocking nature of the three E’s; Energy, Economy, and Environment that you will see as you surf around this site.

On this website, you will find information about projects and products on which we are currently working; a section covering our public outreach efforts that contains position papers, etc., addressing the need for public literacy in the 3 E’s; and a section about who we are.

TEACHERS:  The Energy Literacy Project is currently researching and evaluating organizations that provide on-line lesson plans along with other educational materials focused on one or more of the three E’s.  This research project is an on-going effort as a result of the vast amount of organizations claiming to provide educational materials adequate for teaching students about one or more of the three E’s.  

MEDIA:  The ELP is continuously updating its site with new position papers whose topics directly relate to the Energy Literacy Project’s purpose.  Press releases on the ELP can also be viewed.  The ELP also provides a list of speaking and media resources.  This list contains individuals who have established themselves as professionals in the areas of one or more of the three E’s.   

Please come in, take a look around and send us any comments and suggestions you may have.  Your impressions are very valuable to us and will guide the future of our program.

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